As mobile devices become increasingly powerful tools, so does their use in the workplace. As the usage and capabilities gaps between mobile devices and traditional computers continue to widen, we must begin to think more strategically about security for each tool, separately. This means taking the steps necessary to protect mobile devices, minimizing the risk of a data breach. A mobile device management service called Workspace ONE (AirWatch) is required to access the WUSM-Secure Wi-Fi Network. Workspace ONE (Airwatch) adds a layer of security for all mobile devices (Apple and Android phones and tablets) and helps us protect university data. This service is free and available on your device’s app store. Our custom configuration of the app simply enforces the PIN, encryption, and the ability to remote wipe the device and therefore we foresee no negative impact to battery life of the device. Also, tracking of installed personal apps has been disabled to ensure your privacy. If you have issues or questions concerning the installation and operation of the Workspace ONE (Airwatch) client, please call 314-933-3333. If you have any policy related questions, please email