October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), and we at the Office of Information Security, along with our partners at Protective Services, are working to ensure the security of your personal and professional data and valuables. However, security is a shared responsibility, and we require your cooperation and support.

“Office creeper” is the term of art for an individual who comes to a business (or medical center) to steal data, cash, computers, small electronics, and other valuables. An office creeper attempts to “blend in” as an employee, student, patient, or job applicant and move about offices looking for valuable data or unsecured belongings to steal. Think of office creepers as shoplifters in office settings. All of us must vigilantly protect our information and belongings from office creepers!

Below, you will see a 360-degree image of the workspace of imaginary employee Richard Reckless. Imagine Mr. Reckless was recently hired into your department. You walk by his workspace one morning to invite him to an office event. Mr. Reckless is not at his desk, and you are shocked to see all the security breaches he left there. Mr. Reckless certainly lives up to his name!

Upon clicking on the image below and “mousing” around it, you will see Mr. Reckless’ numerous security breaches and risky behaviors. All the security breaches Mr. Reckless left at his workspace are identified on the next page…


Workplace Security Quiz

Complete the short quiz below to see if you can identify Mr. Reckless’ security breaches and risky behaviors. Quiz answers and explanations of security breaches can be found after pressing ‘submit’.

Workspace Security Quiz

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