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Welcome to the new Information Security and HIPAA Offices website. Washington University’s Information Security Office and HIPAA Privacy Office work together to protect the privacy of our patients’ health information and the data of the WashU community.

Should You Reboot Your Home Router?

By Denise on June 1, 2018

VPNFilter is malware that targets home routers and NAS devices in order to steal files, information, and examine network traffic as it flows through the device. The FBI recently took control of this botnet and has asked the public to reboot their home routers.  Rebooting will help disrupt the mal...

Email Safety Training Aims to Heighten Cyber Threat Awareness

By Noemi on December 6, 2017

In November, the WashU Information Security Office (ISO) issued a mandatory email safety training in an effort to improve the university’s cyber defenses against phishing, a common cyber attack. The training focuses on identifying types of phishing schemes, recognizing the warning signs of scams ...

Mandatory Information Security Training for Faculty, Staff and Medical Students

By Noemi on November 20, 2017

In an effort to improve our WashU Information Security cyber defenses, we want to highlight a common cyber-attack that everyone should be aware of – phishing. In FY17, WashU detected and investigated 125 phishing campaigns targeting WashU email users. A total of 85 accounts were compromised and r...