An institutional review board (IRB) applies research ethics in the review of proposed research. These boards review the research protocols and related materials of biomedical and behavioral research involving humans to assure appropriate steps are taken to protect the rights and welfare (physical and psychological) of humans participating in research studies.

Federal regulations require IRB review of research involving humans.

The Office of Information Security provides IRB security reviews to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of humans participating in research will be protected. This includes a review of how research data will be collected, stored and used. Our office ensures proposed research is conducted in accordance with information security policies and procedures, state and federal privacy law.

IRB Security Review Form

Our office conducts IRB security reviews when the researcher is guided to us by the IRB Review Board.  The IRB security review form requires information regarding specific ePHI, PII (electronic protected health information, personally identifiable information) data elements a researcher will be collecting, storing or transmitting.

Click the Related Forms button below to access the IRB security review form. Please supply any supporting documents when you complete the form.