Before using external websites or cloud services to store, create or transmit WashU confidential or Protected information the following reviews are needed.

  • Contact the data owner to verify data classification.
  • Please request an Information Security Risk review.
  • Facetime, Skype, and other similar communication tools for clinical patient care have been evaluated by Washington University School of Medicine.  These “on demand” video tools are not appropriate for clinical use or patient care.
  • Storage of ePHI may require a signed Business Associates Agreement (BAA). Please work with the HIPAA Privacy Office and Resource Management to discuss prior to storing information, purchasing a product, or signing any contracts.
    • Please note this is not the original record


 Protected    Confidential   Public
ePHIITARFISMA (CUI)PCIPIIHRLegalFinancialIntellectual PropertyReleased by Public Affairs
Wash U Research Data StorageData Owner
LabArchivesData Owner
WUSTL BoxData Owner
WURN (public)Data Owner
WURN (private)Data Owner
WashU Cloud Computing ServiceData Owner
SharePointData Owner
Files and Storage ServiceData Owner
PCI Certified StorageData Owner
Teams (WashU)Teams is prohibited for patient visits. Teams can be used among our team members to collaborate internally on patient care issues, but is not meant for direct patient care.Data Owner
Amazon Web Services (AWS)Data Owner
Amazon Web Services (WashU) (DLT)Data Owner
Amazon Web Services - Government (FEDRAMP)Data Owner
Azure (WashU Instance)Data Owner
Azure - Government (FEDRAMP)Data Owner
Google Cloud PlatformData Owner
Google DriveData Owner
DropBoxData Owner
iCloudData Owner
OneDrive (WashU Instance)Data Owner
ServiceNowData Owner
Zoom (WashU HIPAA Instance)Data Owner



 Protected    Confidential   Public
ePHIITARFISMA (CUI)PCIPIIHRLegalFinancialIntellectual PropertyReleased by Public Affairs
EPIC - Haiku, CantoContact Data Owner
WashU SitesContact Data Owner
Commercial Email (i.e, Gmail, Yahoo)Contact Data Owner
Skype - CommercialContact Data Owner
SlackContact Data Owner
Teams (WashU) InternalContact Data Owner
EpharmixContact Data Owner
TwilioContact Data Owner
SMS TextContact Data Owner
Social Media Direct Message (i.e. Facebook, Twitter)Contact Data Owner
iMessage (Apple)Contact Data Owner
Android MessageContact Data Owner
Basic PagerContact Data Owner
AMS Connect -Encrypted Pager Contact Data Owner
FacetimeContact Data Owner



 Protected    Confidential   Public
ePHIITARFISMA (CUI)PCIPIIHRLegalFinancialIntellectual PropertyReleased by Public Affairs
RedCapContact Data Owner
RedCap CloudContact Data Owner
QualtricsResearch use only.
Not for clinical care.
Contact Data Owner