Weak Passwords

Weak PASSWORDS are the most common way online criminals access accounts. Strengthen Passwords with Three Simple Tips. Using strong passwords with the help of a password manager is one of the easiest ways to protect our accounts and keep our information safe. Make them long. At least 16 characters—longer is stronger! Make them random. Two ways to do this are: Use a random string of letters (capitals and lower case), numbers and symbols (the strongest!): cXmnZK65rf*&DaaD. Create a memorable passphrase of 5-7 unrelated words: HorsPerpleHatRunBayconShoos Get creative with spelling to make it even stronger. Make them unique. Use a different password for each account: k8dfh8c@Pfv0gB2 LmvF%swVR56s2mW e246gs%mFs#3tv6. Use a password manager to remember them.

Let a password manager do the work!

A password manager creates, stores and fills passwords for us automatically. Then we each only have to remember one strong password—for the password manager itself. Search trusted sources for “password managers” like Consumer Reports, which offers a selection of highly rated password managers. Read reviews to compare options and find a reputable program for you.