/ˈdä-kyə-mənt/ noun a computer file containing information input by a computer user and usually created with an application (such as a spreadsheet or word processor)

In the course of a year, WashU students, faculty and staff create millions of electronic documents related to the academic, research, clinical and/or administrative work done at the university. Not all of these documents contain personal or sensitive information, however it is important to know how to protect those that do. With good password habits, encryption and secure file sharing, you can help to protect sensitive data included in electronic documents.

Safety Tips

  1. Be aware of the information you are sharing and where the data is stored or hosted.
  2. Third party cloud or hosting sites may not be HIPAA compliant or willing to sign our Business Associates Agreement (BAA).
  3. Share information securely with an encrypted email or WUSTL Box.

What To Do if Your Documents Are Compromised

If you suspect that your documents have been compromised, contact the Information Security Office immediately at or 314-747-2955.