Keeping Information Security Simple – Game On: Spear Phishing and Pre-Texting – our best against the ‘best’ from malicious actors  

Open Letter

Letter from the CISO, Vol 3 Issue 2  Washington University Community:  Is our best good enough?  In the battle against malicious cyber actors, we are constantly challenged by more clever and sophisticated attacks.  For example, for several years after we implemented DUO 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), the number of successful account-compromise attacks dropped to almost zero. […]

Chance to Win $100 in Our Monthly Challenge

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The OIS is always looking for ways to improve your security and reward your participation in our efforts. This month, we want to point you toward a few resources to help you protect yourself from cybercrime and understand how our office can support you. Guidance for Reporting Phishing Have you seen the Phish Alert Button? […]

Scam of the Month: Compromised Email

The Office of Information Security observes a trend in which criminals use a compromised email account to trick victims into divulging their WUSTL Key password. In this scam, criminals took over a legitimate email address from UT Health San Antonio and used it to send phishing emails. Victims who click on the phishing link are […]

Meet Your Infosec Team: GRC Analyst Trainees 

Our Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) team is fortunate to have three GRC Analyst Trainees this summer who are assisting with various InfoSec efforts. We are excited to have them on our team and would like to introduce you to each of them.   Lindsey Wichman  Lindsey Wichman is currently majoring in Computer Science with a […]

We Are Improving Our Website

Our office is continually searching for the best ways we can serve you and help you secure your work and WashU’s resources. We regularly update our information security website ( with the latest information and resources to help you navigate the increasingly complicated digital landscape.   In addition to the great original content we post on […]