Meet Your Infosec Team: GRC Analyst Trainees 

From left: Adam Fathy, Lindsey Wichman, and Ian Clark

Our Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) team is fortunate to have three GRC Analyst Trainees this summer who are assisting with various InfoSec efforts. We are excited to have them on our team and would like to introduce you to each of them.  

Lindsey Wichman 

Lindsey Wichman is currently majoring in Computer Science with a focus on cybersecurity. As a GRC Analyst Trainee, she works on risk assessments and defining terms in our website’s glossary. She has been eager to help where and when needed. Lindsey is passionate about cybersecurity and finds the work in this field “incredibly interesting and rewarding.” As she explores her role as a GRC Analyst, she has noticed that people may not understand just how important information security is and how much easier our life is because of the internet. Lindsey likes to cook in her free time when she isn’t learning more coding languages. 

Ian Clark 

Throughout his time as a GRC Analyst Trainee, Ian Clark has been researching companies and applications to determine if there are any privacy or security risks associated with them. He has been learning how WashU implements these third-party tools and the security measures necessary to keep us safe. He says, “Learning about how many sources of risk the team has to take into account and process” has been an interesting part of this work. Ian enjoys collaborating with his teammates on the GRC team and learning more about the processes WashU uses to protect our information. Ian has always been interested in computers and used the opportunity to learn more by taking computer science classes in college. His studies have allowed him to explore the impacts of specific vulnerabilities and the importance of protecting private and personal data. Ian likes to use the OneTrust knowledge base while working to find WashU resources that allow him to help minimize risk to the university. In his free time, Ian likes to hike and kayak in some of the beautiful parks in St. Louis. If you’re interested in learning more about cybersecurity, he recommends the CyberWire Daily podcast. This resource covers current cybersecurity events and features industry professionals discussing the most critical issues in information security. Ian would like “anyone reading to know that if they are interested in infosec, there are many resources online to learn more, and getting involved in the field is not as difficult as it may seem.”  

Adam Fathy 

Adam Fathy says he has learned much from his time as a GRC Analyst Trainee thus far. As an intern, Adam values the “opportunity to learn on the job” and attends weekly training sessions with information security and IT representatives. His motivation to work in infosec stems from the “ever-growing need to protect data.” Adam has witnessed growth in the IT industry and the demand for security in a constantly expanding field. As a rising senior at Indiana University in the Kelley School of Business studying Business Analytics, Public Policy Analysis, and Economic Consulting, Adam felt that this area of IT was essential to explore. GRC is an area of infosec that he believes many potential job-seekers may not fully understand because it doesn’t only involve coding or computer science. Adam is learning the significance and importance of this area as he works with the team. Outside of work and school, Adam enjoys going to the gym, hiking, and playing volleyball indoors or on sand. 

All our current interns agree that our GRC team has been great and that their roles include a supportive environment that helps to ensure they get value out of their time with us. If you are interested in exploring opportunities to intern with our information security team, please email David Puzder (; he will help connect you with the right people.