Stay Safe on Social Media

People using social media reactions.

When using social media platforms, it is wise to be careful about what you post. Cybercriminals can use what you post to entice you into clicking malicious links.

Be Careful What You Post

Any information you publicly post on social media could be used in a spear phishing attack. Spear phishing is when cybercriminals target you specifically. For example, if you post about your rescue dogs, cybercriminals may send you phishing emails posing as your local animal shelter asking for donations. What they are really after is your payment information.

Keep It Private

Cybercriminals may also try to phish through a direct message. Luckily, popular social media platforms allow you to have a private account and restrict who can contact you. Privacy features can help protect your personal information from strangers and cybercriminals.

What Can I Do to Stay Safe?

Follow the tips below to stay safe when using social media: