Install Software Updates to Fix Security Risks

Update Software Promptly for Safety When we see an update alert, many of us tend to hit “Remind me later.” Think twice before delaying a software update! Keeping software up to date is an easy way to stay safer online. To make it even more convenient, turn on automatic updates! Turn on automatic updates Look in the device’s settings, possibly under Software or Security. Or search the settings for “automatic updates.” Watch for notifications Not every update can be automatic. Devices— mobile phones, tablets and laptops—will usually notify us that we need to run updates. It’s important to install ALL updates, especially for web browsers and antivirus software. Install updates as soon as possible When notified about software updates, especially critical updates, install them as soon as possible. Online criminals won’t wait so we shouldn’t either!

Why it’s so important to update promptly

If a criminal gets into a device through a security flaw, they will look for personal information and sensitive data to exploit. Technology providers issue software updates to “patch” security weak spots as quickly as possible. If we don’t install them, they can’t protect us!
Software updates can also fix bugs, improve performance, and install latest features. Here are some guides on how to allow automatic updates on popular devices: