Cybersecurity Awareness Month Newsletter

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Passwords

For tips on how to strengthen your passwords, visit How can I make my password secure? – Information Technology ( If you see fit to change your WUSTL key password, you can read the guide at How do I Change my WUSTL Key Password – Information Technology.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Test Your Knowledge Competition

We invite you to show us what you know by entering our Test Your Knowledge: Cybersecurity Awareness Month edition.

Complete this activity to test what you know and receive an entry for a Bear Bucks award.

  • Grand Prize: $1,000 BearBucks credit
  • First Runner Up: $500 BearBucks credit
  • Second Runner Up: $300 BearBucks credit
  • Third Runner Up: $200 BearBucks credit

Head over to our competition page for more instructions about getting entered to win.