Phishing Alert: Credential Phishing via Google Form

How this Scam Works

Members of the WashU community are receiving fraudulent shared document emails that ask them to divulge their WUSTL Key and credentials in a Google Form.

Victims receive a fraudulent email about a shared document from an email address outside of WashU:

When a victim clicks the link in the email, they might be led to a misleading document like this one:

In this case, if someone clicks the malicious “AUTH” link in the Google Doc, they will be led to a Google Form asking for their WUSTL Key and credentials:

Even though this form is illegitimate, the scammer hopes a victim will enter their WUSTL Key credentials and authorize a DUO push or phone call. Once a victim submits this information, their account can be compromised.

What you should do

You should never enter your credentials into a Google Form.

If you believe you may have turned over sensitive information to a scammer or criminal, you should change your WUSTL Key password immediately. If you are unsure if you interacted with this message by visiting the link or entering any information, please change your WUSTL Key password now.

You can change your password by visiting the guide at How do I Change my WUSTL Key Password – Information Technology or by finding the appropriate link in WUSTL ONE (

If you see an email like the one in the first screenshot, please do not interact with any links or follow any special instructions regarding authentication methods. Simply report it using the Phish Alert Button (PAB) in your Outlook interface.

It’s always best to err on the side of caution and report anything that seems remotely suspicious. Our team will analyze all submissions and return them to you if they’re determined to be safe.

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Contact Our Office

If you have questions or concerns about this update, please contact the Office of Information Security by emailing As always, we appreciate your vigilance as we work together to keep WashU secure.