Meet Your InfoSec Team: Clark Huskey, Information Security Analyst

Clark Huskey, Information Security Analyst III, started his journey in information security as an amateur radio broadcaster. In his youth, Clark tinkered with personal computers and radio broadcasting equipment. Specifically, his family used citizen band radios with a large antenna to broadcast their own bulletin board service, Silver Fox BBS, until someone hacked their broadcast. Clark sees his investigation into the hack as his first foray into information security.

As an adult, Clark started as a help desk technician. With support from mentors, Clark grew in knowledge about information security and transitioned into information security management. Today, Clark’s favorite part of his job here at WashU is “working with the entire information security staff. Everyone here has been very helpful, and we work well together as a team.” Clark performs third-party information security risk assessments and policy exception requests for the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) division. He says that the GRC team aims to strike a balance between “the security objectives of the university and the end user’s needs. We must find that sweet spot to provide good security while ensuring the university operates efficiently.”

Off the clock, Clark spends much of his time with his family in Hillsboro, Mo. He loves going hiking with them at Don Robinson State Park. During the school year, Clark supports his daughter’s participation in the Hawkettes, the dance team at the Hillsboro High School. He also enjoys playing video games with his son, who studies at Maryville University. The rest of the time, the family’s cat and two dogs keep the family quite entertained.