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Welcome back! We know you’ll be busy as the semester begins, so we’ve pulled together resources to help you with a variety of common security needs. See below for our roundup of guidance to help you get in the swing of the semester!


Device security is essential for protecting your privacy and data. Sound device security involves using features built into your devices, such as setting a passcode or adjusting privacy settings and protecting the device’s physical security. Protect your devices and data by employing the strategies in the guidance below.


Traveling with WashU information presents security concerns. Officials in some countries inspect electronic devices and may download material from them. Some countries have encryption import restrictions that prevent you from encrypting data on your device. Protect yourself and the university by not taking any sensitive or private information with you.

Social Engineering

Criminals often try to manipulate people by exploiting their psychology and emotions. The list of links contains information on how to stay vigilant against this kind of manipulation.

Stay Informed

Please read the Office of Information Security’s monthly SECURED newsletter to stay updated on the best practices and essential topics in Information Security. It contains news, strategies, and the latest information about the biggest issues facing our institution as we continue to keep our work and data secure.

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