Vulnerability Management Project: Expanded Server Protection

Data Center Servers


The WashU Information Security team is actively engaged in keeping our network and data safe. Through the Security Vulnerabilities Project, one of the team’s main objectives is to expand server protection throughout WashU.


A recent serious security incident was detected early because a server had the WashU Falcon CrowdStrike sensor installed. Due to this early detection, the severity of the incident was mitigated.

WashU policies require advanced Malware protection on all assets. For servers, WashU Falcon CrowdStrike sensor is the recommended solution.


We’ve teamed up with our Platform Engineering team, which manages the CrowdStrike service, to help with this effort. Steve Conway and the team have been working with departments to install the sensors and catalog the information. Now that there is a larger leadership initiative to install CrowdStrike sensors on servers, we are asking departments to help us with our project.


  • If our team has not contacted your department yet, we’d appreciate your help. If your team needs assistance installing CrowdStrike, we are happy to help. You will find a step-by-step process here. Please reach us at, and we will work with you to ensure that your department’s servers are cataloged appropriately.
  • If your department is already working with us, we sincerely appreciate your collaboration in supporting this effort. If you are currently in the process of installing CrowdStrike sensors to your servers, please continue to update us on your efforts.