Device Encryption Guidance Newsletter

Updated Device Security Guidance and Best Practices

Device security is essential for protecting your privacy and data. Sound device security involves using features built into your devices, such as setting a passcode or adjusting privacy settings and protecting the physical security of the device itself. Devices are valuable and are enticing to opportunistic passersby, whether they are after the device itself or the data it contains. Once the device is in the hands of a stranger, they may have access to troves of your personal information, intellectual property, and other valuable data. 

A new post from the Office of Information Security (OIS) discusses universal device security strategies and provides step-by-step, device-specific instructions. Please find the article at the link below or access it in the Guidance section on the OIS website at 

Thank you for taking the time to read and implement this guidance and for everything that you do to help us keep WashU secure.