Keeping Information Security Simple – It’s All About “The Hook”

Letter from the CISO, Vol 2 Issue 4 Washington University Community: What’s the best defense against the phishing attacks responsible for over 90% of cyber intrusions and breaches? The simple answer is all of us working together. And “The Hook.” Given time, attention, basic suspicion, and a little paranoia, we can all individually spot most […]

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October is a global effort to help everyone stay protected whenever and however they connect. The theme for the month is “It’s easy to stay safe online,” and The Office of Information Security is proud to be a Cybersecurity Awareness Champion, supporting online safety throughout the year. We’re here to help […]

Security Resources for Faculty and Researchers

Research Security

The Office of Information Security (OIS) supports WashU’s mission of excellence in teaching, research, and patient care by assessing the security of the tools our community uses every day to do our work. Faculty and researchers often have specific needs for secure storage and communication services and unique needs for tools that aid student engagement, […]

Smart Gadgets Are Mostly Insecure

Internet of Things

Devices like smart thermostats, speakers, and doorbells might be more functional than their non-internet-enabled designs, but are they smart enough to protect themselves or the network they are on? According to a survey released in August of 2022, there were about 8.6 billion smart devices – or Internet of Things (IoT) devices – connected to […]

Win Up To $1,000 in Our Cybersecurity Awareness Month Test Your Knowledge Competition

Trophy with five stars

The Office of Information Security (OIS) is always looking for ways to improve your security and reward your participation in our efforts. For this year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we broadened the range of topics covered by our knowledge test, and we increased our prize amounts accordingly. We hope that taking this quiz and playing the […]

Information Security for your Car

Automobile Information Security

By Matt Lang Deeply integrated into our daily lives, laptops and cell phones are well-known targets for hackers. A less-obvious target that we also use almost every day has recently emerged—the car. Today’s cars are like big computers on wheels, and the consequences of a hack could be deadly. To hack your car, all a […]

Scam of the Month: Fake Password Expiration

The Office of Information Security has observed a trend where criminals send fraudulent password expiration notices in hopes that victims will disclose their WUSTL Key on a fake login page. If you see a message like the one below, please do not interact with any links or follow any special instructions regarding authentication methods. Simply […]

Meet Your InfoSec Team: Andrew Duba, Information Security Analyst III

Andrew Duba

Andrew Duba, Information Security Analyst III, is a member of the Digital Forensics and Incident Response Team. During conversations about his job, “most people think of what they see in movies and TV.” These depictions often embellish what the job is like, so “it can be tough to demystify and make it more accessible.” Realistically, […]