Keeping Information Security Simple – Top Ten Social Engineering Techniques

Letter from the CISO, Vol 2 Issue 10 Washington University Community: I often encourage everyone to “be vigilant, skeptical, and a little paranoid,” and I usually provide a few pointers on things to watch out for and what to do when (if) you see them. Which Half Are You In? A recent report concluded that […]

Chance to Win $100 in Our Monthly Challenge

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The OIS is always looking for ways to improve your security and reward your participation in our efforts. This month, we want to point you toward a few resources to help you protect yourself from cybercrime and understand how our office can support you. Guidance for Reporting Phishing Have you seen the Phish Alert Button? […]

Job Posting Scam

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Job scams that target students are on the rise. As you may already know from reading our Scam of the Month posts, hackers can and will target you by impersonating a university employee looking to hire a student worker. Often, these scams will reach you via email or your cell phone number. When the hacker […]

Scam of the Month: Windows Defender Pop-ups

Windows Defender Security Center pop-up scam screenshot.

The Office of Information Security has observed a trend in which criminals send a fake error message on a website, saying there is a virus on your computer. These fake error messages aim to scare you into calling their “technical support hotline,” and they will likely ask you to install applications that give them remote […]

InfoSec Allies: Craig Pohl, Senior Director of Research Infrastructure Services

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WashU researchers must persevere through myriad challenges in the quest for knowledge. Among these challenges is developing a comprehensive security plan for their data, applications, and research results. Increasingly, research sponsors require these plans as a condition of funding. Our researchers are pioneers, bringing their expertise to the frontiers of discovery, but they aren’t always […]