How to Take Back Control of Your Data This Data Privacy Week

Are you airing your dirty laundry?

Adapted from The National Cybersecurity Alliance, January 2022 From social media to online shopping, our lives and the digital world become more intertwined every day. The digital world affords us a new level of convenience and access to information, but there may be a hidden cost to your privacy associated with these conveniences. Consumers must […]

Data Privacy Fast Facts

Keep not Private

Adapted from National Cybersecurity Alliance 67% of internet users in the US are not aware of their country’s privacy and data protection rules. (LegalJobsIO) 47 U.S. states have nonexistent or consumer-data privacy laws only. Bills are pending in 16 states, six states have study committees or task forces, and just three states have modern data-privacy […]

Protecting the World’s Most Valuable Resource

Woman with data in brain

By: Christina Pomianek-Smith, Information Security Analyst The refrain “knowledge is power” has been repeated around the world for centuries, from ancient Sanskrit proverbs to the theme song of the animated American educational series, School House Rock. The pursuit of knowledge is central to our university mission. The objective—use knowledge to empower individuals and communities for […]