Save, Secure, and Share with Box and OneDrive

Institutions such as Washington University have incredible data storage and transfer needs. Members of our community are continuously engaged in research, teaching, and patient care, producing large quantities of data that need secure storage as well as accessibility. Further, the COVID-19 remote-work era has demonstrated the need for file access from multiple devices, in multiple locations, any time of the day. 

Cloud-based file management systems such as Box and OneDrive help meet these needs while also offering protection against cyber threats. When using Box and OneDrive, your files are available when you need them, wherever you are, synced across multiple devices, and ready to securely share with collaborators. Files saved in cloud storage are housed across redundant servers, ensuring that you will not lose valuable data if a server fails. Further, if your device breaks, is lost, or is stolen, your files are easily retrievable on the cloud. 

In addition to offering these storage and retrieval benefits, cloud-storage services such as Box and OneDrive provide additional benefits, including: 

  • Secure access using WashU 2FA
  • Encryption of stored and transferred data
  • File-level password protection options
  • Versioning of files so that you can restore an earlier version of a file in the event of an accidental edit, file corruption, or a malicious attack
  • Access notifications and logs of who opens, edits, and deletes files
  • expiration dates for shared links

To maximize your use of these data storage options and ensure your files are secure, make sure to: 

  • Create specific folders for sharing files.
  • Share folders and documents selectively—only with those who need access to the data.
  • Create an expiration date for shared files and folders in Box and OneDrive. 
  • Set passwords on shared files and folders. 
  • Set editing permissions as appropriate (e.g., set the document to “read-only” if the recipient is not editing). 
  • Regularly review access and activity logs. 
  • Deactivate shared links if access is no longer needed. 

Using our cloud-based storage services, you will maximize your collaborative abilities, retrieve your files anywhere, manage access, and prevent data loss.