Meet Your InfoSec Team: Adam Coyle, Information Security Analyst I

A Team Of Workers Put Hands Together

Adam Coyle, Information Security Analyst I, believes that information security is becoming one of the most critical roles in any organization. Over the first nine years at WashU on the Deskside Support team, Adam became fascinated with information security and the strides the university takes to become more secure. His current role as a security analyst includes “response, analysis, and detection of information security incidents that affect the university, its students, and employees.”

Adam’s favorite part of this role is “working with the amazing tools and datasets available to us.” Something that he values in his work is automation. His goal to make life easier through good security practices is accomplished by creating “processes that not only make it so that steps aren’t missed but ensure the same process is followed every time.” Building these accurate and repeatable processes is foundational to providing our institution with the best defenses and responses before, during, and after potential incidents.

Adam wants the community to understand how important InfoSec is within information technology. One resource he recommends for staying updated on current vulnerabilities is following the CISA RSS feed ( This source is an excellent way to be aware of the timely risks we face as an organization.

When he’s not preventing and responding to incidents, Adam likes to enjoy nature by camping and floating. He also likes tinkering and working on cars and small engines.