Using the Phish Alert Button (PAB) in Various Outlook Versions

The preferred phish-reporting strategy is the Phish Alert Button (PAB). This button allows users to easily report a phishing attempt to the Office of Information Security while minimizing user interaction with a potentially malicious email.

The button appears in all versions of Outlook (e.g., Outlook online, Outlook for MacOS, iPhone OS, Android, and Windows), but the appearance of the PAB varies slightly according to the version of Outlook you use. In all versions, the PAB icon appears as an open letter with an orange fishhook. When there is accompanying text, some versions will read “Phish Alert” while others will say “Report Phish”. Please see below for examples of the icon in various environments.

Office 365 in Browser

Windows 10 Client

WIn 10 PAB (Report Phish)

MacOS Client

Mobile Outlook Client