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Increased Risk of State-Sponsored Cyberattacks as Russia Invades Ukraine

Illustration of anonymous cyberattacker

The threat of state-sponsored cyberattacks increasingly accompanies international relations. Russia has developed and demonstrated its capacity to attack and inflict damage using cyber-warfare tactics. With news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many cybersecurity professionals are recommending increased vigilance during this period of unrest.

While much of the responsibility for anticipating and preventing cyberattacks of this nature falls on officials in the public and private sectors, there are a few things individuals can do to help. You should already be familiar with these defensive measures if you regularly read the information coming out of our office. Please be sure to keep all of your devices updated with the latest patches and security updates. Additionally, please stay vigilant about any communications you receive that may be social engineering attempts.

Protect Yourself (and WashU)

  • Phishing 101
  • Review Guidance from the Office of Information Security Our office frequently develops helpful guidance to meet the needs of our community. On our website, you’ll find informative step-by-step guidance for device security, and a number of other topics. Please follow this guidance and reach out to us at if you have questions or suggestions for additional security guidance.

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