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Business Owner/Sponsor

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Preliminary Security Information

(include version and service pack information.)

What physical access controls to the asset are in place?

(includes logging onto the universities web mail)

Mitigation Information

Exceptions Information

See the instruction below


High Value Peripheral Examples:

  • Machinery (i.e. backup generator)
  • Scientific instrument (i.e. electron microscope, gene sequencer, etc.)
  • Control system (i.e. building environmental controls)


Ways to Value a Peripheral:

  • The inherent value of the peripheral (what would it cost to replace in the event of a total loss)
  • The value to remediate and repair the asset if compromised (reinstall OS, software)
  • Value of data collected by the peripheral (if you lose the peripheral how much is its non-functionality costing you/your department/the university per day/week/month/year).
  • Value of data that would not be accessible if the asset/peripheral were lost.
  • Value of the asset/peripheral operators time. How much time would the operator normally spend on the asset/peripheral?

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