Shred IT: E-Waste Recycling and Paper Shredding (WUSM)

April 27, 2021
7:30 am - 10:30 am
Food Truck area, corner of Scott Ave. & Taylor Ave. WUSM, St. Louis, Missouri 63110 (United States)

On Tuesday, April 20 and Tuesday, April 27, the Office of Sustainability and the Office of Information Security will be hosting e-waste recycling drives and confidential paper shredding services at the Danforth Campus and School of Medicine, respectively. 

While bi-annual e-waste drives are typically open to the public, due to visitor restrictions related to COVID-19 health and safety, our friends from the larger community are not encouraged to come on campus. We look forward to welcoming you back at a later date!

Electronic waste (or “e-waste”) has historically had a very low rate of recycling, at only 12.5%. While it comprises only a small percent of all waste, it represents the vast majority of toxic waste in landfills. Additionally, it is the fastest-growing source of landfill waste. However, when recycled, many highly valuable materials can be recovered from electronics. Currently, over $60 million worth of gold and silver inside electronics is dumped into landfills every year. Special e-waste collection drives help address this issue, protecting local and global human and environmental health.

“Anything with a cord” can be recycled at this event, including computers and accessories, lawn and garden equipment, power tools, and kitchen appliances. CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes are acceptable at this time.

The following items cannot be accepted:

  • University-owned items (request a pick up of these items through this form any time)
  • Batteries
  • Lightbulbs

Most items will be accepted at no cost. Items that require a disposal fee due to hazardous components are listed below:

  • Any size tube TV or bid screen TV – $25
  • Any size CRT tube computer monitor – $10
  • Any size flat-screen TV or computer monitor: $10
  • Cash, check or credit card can be accepted onsite.