Serving you better through ServiceNow integration

The Office of Information Security is changing how we manage emails sent to Starting 2/27/2023, every email that reaches our inbox will automatically be assigned to a ticket in ServiceNow. Tickets are how the rest of WashU IT handles work and requests, and we intend to align with this standard. Apart from solidarity, the new system will provide many improvements to how we currently support the WashU community.

All tickets generated from our inbox will be tracked, assigned to a group or individual, and timed against a standard Service Level Agreement (SLA). Additionally, every ticket has a status indicator that presents how the ticket is progressing. Each of these measures ensures that tickets are worked on in a timely manner and no request is missed or neglected. If a ticket needs to be reassigned to another department or individual, it can be easily rerouted with its complete work log. Finally, reports on tickets will help us determine the impact of changes to security services.

We hope this transition helps us better respond to inquiries and requests from our community. You will not have to change how you write or send emails to us, and – as before – do not send PHI to the inbox. Thank you for everything that you do to help us keep WashU secure.

As a reminder, here are some reasons to email us at

  • If you have a question about one of our policies.
  • If you suspect any of your accounts have been compromised and need assistance.
  • If your WashU device is lost, stolen, or compromised during travel.
  • If you need help completing any of our forms.
  • If you suspect a security incident has occurred.
  • If you find that Cisco Umbrella is blocking a legitimate domain.
  • If you have any security-related questions or concerns.