Meet Your InfoSec Team: Richard Edwards IV, GRC Analyst II

"Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or the team if you have any questions about security!"

Since Richard Edwards IV, Governance Risk and Compliance Security Analyst II, began working in IT, security has been his top interest. For one, he enjoys how information security challenges him to keep learning. He also noticed a trend: As technology becomes more incorporated into everyday life, so too do threats and vulnerabilities to our technology. Consequently, he decided to “be someone who helps make a difference between the physical and digital world by helping people remain safe.”

Richard’s first job after graduating from Webster University was at the helpdesk. While on the job, he talked with a few co-workers who worked in security. Later, working for Ameren, he was promoted from Software Engineer to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security Analyst. In a nutshell, the position involved “the security of power plants and the power grid.” Not long after, Richard seized an opportunity at Lockheed Martin as a Cyber Intel Analyst. During his time, he specialized in risk assessments and obtained the Security+ and CISSP certifications. Today, Richard performs third-party information security risk assessments and policy exception requests for our Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) division.

When Richard tells people that he works in Information Security, sometimes listeners “assume I hack computers or type at a million strokes per minute.” Depictions of information security often display only one kind of role in the field, so “I then explain to them how broad Information Security is and how it affects everyone.” You can explore myriad roles within Information Security by visiting Cyber Career Pathways Tool | NICCS ( Additionally, Richard recommends Role-guided security training for the entire workforce ( for security awareness and training.

When asked about his favorite part of his job, Richard replied, “It is being part of a wonderful team that helps keep WashU safe and secure as it continues to grow and progress as a leading institution.” Also, working remotely makes his life easier. Not only can Richard work full-time, but he can also “devote time and attention to being a husband and father.” He also plans to complete his master’s degree at WashU. In his free time, Richard enjoys reading, bowling, and traveling.