IT Procurement Vendor Intake Form

We use the IT Procurement Vendor Intake Form to collect pertinent information about prospective vendors and software platforms. Using this information, we evaluate the contract and determine if adopting the product would compromise WashU’s information security.

Departments should submit this form if they are interested in working with a new IT vendor and/or software platform.

Please submit the form prior to entering into any contractual obligations with a new IT vendor or software platform. Complete the form in as much detail as possible, including full and accurate information for vendor contacts. The Office of Information Security will communicate with the requestor as necessary and will work directly with the vendors to complete the review process. Procurement will work with the requestor and applicable decision maker to help review and negotiate the contracts.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about the form or IT Procurement, please contact Lisa Owens, 314-935-5669 or

For more information regarding the IT Procurement Policy please see: