Outlook for MacOS

Report a Phishing Message as an Attachment

If you need to report a phishing attempt in Outlook for MacOS but don’t have the Phish Alert Button (PAB), follow the steps below to send the message in question directly to the Office of Information Security.

  • Create a new message by clicking the New Email icon on the left side of the ribbon.
  • Move your new email window so that you can see the message you want to attach in the selection pane.
  • Click the message you want to forward. Hold and drag it into the composition window of your new email. When you see the green plus sign, stop holding and drop the message into your new email. You’ll see it appear in the attachments section.
  • Copy the subject line of the message you are forwarding and paste it into the subject line of the new message you are about to send.
  • Send the message.