Infrastructure and Technology Onboarding

The Office of Information Security works with WashU community members to ensure the continued confidentiality, integrity, and availability our data and systems by evaluating technologies from a security perspective. To begin the process of onboarding a new technology, first complete the Infrastructure and Technology Onboarding Form. After the Office of Information Security has reviewed your onboarding responses, we will send the full Infrastructure and Technology Assessment Questionnaire.

For a full preview of what to expect, please review our guidance for this process below.


1. To begin the technology onboarding process, complete the Infrastructure and Technology Assessment Onboarding questions.

2. To access the onboarding questions, first log into OneTrust with your WUSTL Key ID. If you are not already logged into ONE Single Sign On, you will be prompted to log in. 

3. Once logged into OneTrust, click on “Launch” under the infrastructure and technology assessment icon.

4. Enter the name of the technology as your Assessment Name, then click “Launch.”

5. Click on “Onboarding Questions” in the left column.

6. Answer the following questions. Please note that questions with asterisks are required.

1.1 Date Request Submitted (choose date from calendar).

* 1.2 Contact Name for request

* 1.3 Contact Email Address

1.4 What is being assessed? (enter description in the textbox)

* 1.5 Please describe a brief description of the assessment needed (enter description in the textbox). *

1.6 Please provide names of individuals what need to assist in completing the questionnaire (e.g., technical lead, project manager, systems architect, project architect, solutions architect, business analyst, etc. Please enter names in the textbox).

1.7 Please provide email addresses of the individuals to assist in completing the assessment (enter email addresses in the textbox for everyone named in question 1.6 response).

* 1.8 Please provide names of any vendors included in this assessment (enter vendor names in textbox).

7. After answering all of the questions, please click the “Submit” button.